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Welcome to My Website!

*If you are a repeat customer who needs to leave on short notice, just advise of key placement and that the code on your alarm is set to 1234. Reset alarm upon your return. Also please advise if a neighbor or a relative has a key. I treat all pets as though they were my own. I have owned and cared for pets for many years including breeding and training. "", a premiere temporary live-in Pet and House Sitting Service.


Welcome to my website.

We would like to introduce you to

I am  your at home "Care Professional" for discriminating pets and their owners. This is the kennel alternative, elite luxury pet care established to recognize the special interests of your pet(s) and to provide a presence for your property while you are away I would be there for your housekeepers, pool service, gardeners, trash pick up or repairs ordered.

Mission statement: To give your pets the same kind of love, attention and routines they receive while you are home. To maintain your home, inside and out, in the style in which you are accustomed. This will provide your pets with less separation anxiety, as happens when they are kenneled or left alone.

So, when vacations or sudden business trips leave you in a jam, wondering what to do to keep your pets happy and your home secure, while you are gone, give me a call @ 1-949-338-7045

I know from experience that a kennel can return your pet with a different personality and possible infections from other pets. Let your loved pets stay in their familiar surroundings and keep their daily routines.

I am a non-smoking/non-drinking responsible adult. I love animals, they are my passion.  I am seeking a small number of "exceptional" repeat clients with the same thoughts - to love and care for your pet and home in the best way possible. 

Rene Finley

Orange Counties premiere Live-in Pet & temporary House Sitting Service

Cell Phone -  1-949-338-7045